Thursday, August 28, 2008

ORION: Separate Air Dryer

Expansion separation Compressed Air Dryer AE series

1. The installation on piping simply gives dry air. Orion's unique air separation method realized the light and compact unit. It gives dry air without difficulty, since no electric power is required.
2. The unique structure allows quick response to fluctuations of flow rate. This is ideal to control humidity at the terminal of air line because it works surely if the flow rate or pressure of compressed air changes.
3. Maintenance-Free Condensed water is automatically drained through an auto-drain trap. No clogging of the separate dryer as no filters are incorporated.

Specification of AE7 :

* Air processing capacity: 740 L/min
* Fluid: Compressed air
* Temperature range: 2-60 celcius degree
* Pressure range: 0.1-0.98 MPa
* Air pipe connection: Rc 1/2
* Port of drain outlet: Rc 1/4


ORION: Freon-Free Air Dryer

Membrane type Compressed Air Dryer MD series
1. No electric power
2. Dew point indicator
3. Long life membrane
4. No vibration, no exhaust heat and easy maintenance
5. No drain water
6. Small, light weight
Specification of MD25-AF:
* Fluid: Compressed air
* Operative pressure: 0.2-0.85 MPa
* Inlet air temp. : 5-55 celcius degree
* Purge air flow: 27 L/min
* Outlet air flow: 106 L/min
* PDP: -17 celcius degree
* in&out/purge connections : Rc 1/4 / Rc 1/8
* Micro-Mist Filter: Standard
* Filtration: 0.01 micron meter (99%)


ORION: Auto Drain Trap

Electrical Auto Drain Trap ADE 300

* Energy saving by newly developed Electrostatic capacity control gauge (zero air loss, sensor type)
* Drain water in the compressed air without air loss (float type)
* Adjustable drain interval (Disc type)
* Simple operation, maintenance and high reliability


* Air pressure: 0.25-0.98 MPa
* Temperature: 2-40 celcius degree
* Air pipe connection: Rc 1/2
* Size of drain port: Rc 1/2
* Max. drain capacity: 440 L/h
* System: sensor type


ORION: Super Filter Water Separator DSF Series

Water separator DSF Series

* Remove water droplets from air compressor
* Inlet air temperature 5-60 celcius degree

1. Stainless steel filter housing (DSF400-2700B)
2. High efficiency and stable separation
(water droplets separation rating 99%)
Best performancea at any flow rate
3. Low pressure drop (less than 0.005 MPa)

Specification of DSF1300

* Air processing capacity: 13.8 m3/min
* Fluid: Compressed air
* Pressure: 0.05-0.98 MPa
* Inlet air temperature: 5-60 celcius degree
* Ambient temperature: 2-60 celcius degree
* Pressure drop: 0.005 MPa
* In/Out connection: Rc 2
* Port of discharge drain: Rc 1/4, Oulet dia. 16